The School Of Life: Life Lessons from Byron



The Life Lesson series takes a great thinker and highlights those ideas most relevant to us today. These books show how wise voices from the past have urgently important and inspiring things to tell us.

Lord Byron teaches, but he teaches by stealth and indirection, by not always saying the thing we might expect him to say. ‘There is pleasure in the pathless woods,’ he writes delectably in one poem, and he certainly likes those woods, yet it’s interesting to find the notoriously pleasure-seeking poet also claiming that ‘the more intellectual our pleasure, the better for the pleasure – and for us too’.

This book is about the ways in which we might have better pleasure. Born in 1788, Lord Byron was an English poet and a leading figure of the Romantic movement. A prodigious poetic gift and a scandalous private life made him famous throughout Europe, and his masterpiece, Don Juan, became the biggest-selling work of the period.

He remains one of the most provocative, seductive voices of world literature. About the Author Dr Matthew Bevis is Lecturer and Fellow in English at Keble College, Oxford. He is the author of The Art of Eloquence: Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce, and of Comedy: A Very Short Introduction.

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