The School Of Life: Life Lessons from Freud



The Life Lesson series takes a great thinker and highlights those ideas most relevant to us today. These books show how wise voices from the past have urgently important and inspiring things to tell us.

By becoming more aware of the hidden infantile and childhood origins of our adult thoughts, behaviours and fantasies, and by recognizing that most of this material remains hidden in the depths of our unconscious mind, Sigmund Freud bequeathed to us a rich, detailed and provocative psychology which, once absorbed, has the ability to improve our sensitivity to ourselves and others, to deepen our creativities, and to enhance the fabric of our lives. Freud is best known as the father of psychoanalysis.

Born in 1856, he was a physiologist, medical doctor and psychologist who spent most of his life in Vienna, Austria. He developed revolutionary ideas about the unconscious mind, repression and the meaning of dreams and the clinical method of treatment through dialogue.

About the Author Professor Brett Kahr is Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health and a Trustee of the Freud Museum. He practises psychotherapy with individuals and couples in London.

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