Type Player 2



Every designer will want to add a copy of Type Player 2 to his or her personal resource library. When faced with an empty layout or a new project, this book will kick start your imagination with 256 pages full of inspirational photos.

Shunning the boring and predictable, the designers featured in Type Player 2 look to unconventional mediums to enliven type creations, playing with dimension, perspective, and motion. Sometimes the designers literally create type designs out of thin air one project uses photo documentation of light in motion to form a T, while another manipulates the shape of the sky between skyscrapers to capture letters in the negative spaces. Unusual materials used to create type design include Rubik's cubes, feathers, electrical cords, and used plastic bags.

The innovative projects included in this book demonstrate the boundless nature of creativity, and will undoubtedly motivate any designer perusing these pages to aspire to new heights.

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