Womankind Magazine #05: Gothic



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In this issue: Sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads. We must make a choice between two paths, and the decision we make will fundamentally alter the course of our life. Do I choose this path, or the other one? We tremble under the weight of the decision. At times we refrain from making a decision at all - we wait, we buy time, we think it through. Time passes.

In medieval times, crossroads - the intersection of ancient highways and byways - were places to fear, to move through quickly; somewhere not to linger for too long. In Irish folklore, crossroads were between-worlds, no places, where witches met and spirits passed.

Fear in making the wrong decision can, indeed, keep us at crossroads for longer than we need to be. We hesitate. We weigh up the options. Ever fearful of making the wrong choice, we fail to make a choice at all, and a path that was once open suddenly disappears from view. In the end, not all paths need be followed, but sometimes, just sometimes, a path does present itself - and however frightening it may be to tread upon new ground, it may turn out to be the best path we ever take.

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