Womankind Magazine #06: Mona Lisa



Womankind magazine represents a new era for Australian women, an advertising-free women's magazine on self, identity and meaning in today's society. Womankind magazine features the top journalists, authors and artists in a 132 page, perfect-bound magazine – offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature and ways to live a more fulfilling life.

In this issue: In Renaissance times, a single-minded pursuit of any goal was limiting, dull; it lacked imagination. Leonardo da Vinci was not just the painter of the Mona Lisa, he was a mathematician, a scientist, engineer, geologist, sculptor, astronomer, and cartographer.

People who study a range of subjects, who indulge in the multifarious fruits of life, are called polymaths. By pursuing myriad goals we gain perspective; we become fascinating, layered creatures, full of unexpected knowledge, quirks, and skills. The trouble with spending a lifetime in pursuit of a single goal is - what happens if it doesn’t work out? And what momentous life moments do you miss along the way as you plough away, nose to the grindstone? At least one thing’s for sure: pursuing multiple interests, passions, and goals will make for a much more interesting life. And isn’t that what it’s really about?

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