Yurio Seki's Designs and Patterns


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This is the second comprehensive collection of design works by Yurio Seki, who is well known for her original brand, “Salvia”.

Her patterns are used not only for textiles but also for interior products and product packages. Other than her “Salvia” designs, this book also features extensive design works including towel, notebook, honey package as well as various craftworks.

The tutorial pages of her craftworks will help craft-lovers make their own works. In addition, the book contains 16 sheets of papers with her colorful patterns on them.

Profile of Yurio Seki: Yurio Seki is a Japanese graphic designer who draws warm, mellow, brightly colored designs, and whose portfolio includes everything from magazine art direction and design to bookbinding and package design, CD jackets and logos. In 2001 she launched the “salvia” brand, and since then has unveiled a myriad of textiles, apparel, interior goods, books and more, all using her designs and inspired by the desire to create “little things that make life more fun.” Her colorful and heart-warming design is influenced by her life in Sweden where she spent a few years working and creating her own works.

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